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1. This Post From Tye Grieve



5 Reasons Why We Love It, and what you can copy for your next post:


1. The first sentence creates curiosity

By using the word "cracked" you immediately wonder what he means by that.


2. Recognizes someone from his network
He acknowledges the company that helped him succeed and tags them. This creates an incentive for the company to share his post. 


3. Asks his network for a recommendation 
By doing this, he creates a conversation starter and also shows his network what his next challenge is.


4. On point use of hashtags

He uses enough hashtags relevant to his business/post, and this creates an opportunity for new audiences to discover him 


5. Amazing image that stops you from scrolling down

The fact that he's squatting on top of a store counter makes you stop when scrolling down on the feed. Also, note how his product is correctly placed so his audience automatically understands what his business is about.


Check it out on LinkedIn here



2. This Post From The Female Lead




4 Reasons Why We Love It, and what you can copy for your next post:


1. Leverages content from someone else

This post literally took 1 minute to create. No need to create everything from scratch. 


2. Inspiring & motivational

We all crave being inspired & motivated. It's addictive.


3. Refers to something trending in the world right now

The Queen's Gambit is one of the world's most-watched shows at the moment. This makes it easier for anyone to relate to this post.


4. Post starts with a simple word: "persevere"

There is no need to overcomplicate your copy. Some words and phrases will catch your audience's attention right away.


Check it out on LinkedIn here


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